Accelerate Partners is an independent firm of IT managed service providers, cybersecurity, telecommunication, and cloud experts. Founded and led by industry veteran JP Panzica, our principals possess over four decades of industry experience specializing in aligning technology solutions to meet your business goals – saving you time and money!


Accelerate will help you find the best MSP, telecom, cloud, security data center solution, and supplier. As well, we will ensure you stay on top of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. We complement your technology and sourcing teams to optimize your requirements.


Our well-established partnerships with the largest technology suppliers in the country allow us to offer competitive prices and not be pressured by carrier quotas. Throughout the process, our advisors sit on your side of the table and advocate on your behalf.

Further your cost savings and improve efficiencies. Use a trusted expert to engage the right suppliers and negotiate the best value for your business.


  • Procuring services as if you were a Fortune 500 company


  • Contract negotiation expertise


  • Access to cooperative based agreements and pricing


  • Portfolio of vetted cable, telecom, cloud, mobile, security and data center suppliers


  • Unlike having to contend with constantly changing supplier salespeople, you will have a long-term relationship and a single point of contact


  • Stay up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions


  • The best possible solutions and providers for your business