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Are you overwhelmed by the amount of technology options available to your company? Is the supplier selection process too time-consuming? 

Accelerate Partners is supplier agnostic meaning you benefit from a portfolio of vetted cable, telecom, cloud and IoT suppliers. Let us find the best solutions and providers for your business using our partnerships with the largest technology suppliers in the country.

We will advocate on your behalf and provide you the most innovative solutions and technologies for your business.

  • Cost


    Accelerate’s track record in saving clients’ money is impressive, we have historically achieved savings of 30% to 50% using our decades of expertise and supplier relationships.

  • Lifecycle


    The Accelerate lifecycle is centered around efficiency.  We’re there for clients every step of the way, assisting with initial design, carrier selection, pricing, negotiation, contract review, installation, MACD work, and contract renewal.

  • Invoice


    By streamlining your business operation, Accelerate can help you reduce your number of vendors and invoices, allowing your business to operate more efficiently.

  • Baseline


    A baseline provides a holistic view of your entire spend.  It provides visibility by vendor, by location, by service, and per capita.  The baseline typically provides an immediate opportunity to optimize existing spend.  We will provide a comprehensive review with your company’s stakeholders to create a solid understanding of your current state and discuss future needs.

  • Price


    To ensure you are efficiently optimizing technology and telecom spend, ATP will benchmark your existing spend to the current market.  Our price benchmarking entails cost, service, and vendor evaluation to ensure your business needs are met at an optimal rate every time.

  • City/Geographic


    Will analyze ideal fiber optics, carrier and/or Data Center options to fit based on Region and/or City, taking into consideration specific latency, redundancy, cost-efficiency and installation interval optimization.

  • Business Continuity Planning

    Helping to create your systems of prevention & recovery for supply chain interruption and critical infrastructure.

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