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With over two decades of technology and telecommunication expertise and experience, we understand your business needs. We have partnerships with the largest technology suppliers in the country and an extensive portfolio of vetted cable, telecom, cloud, mobile, security and data center suppliers.

Accelerate will bring you the technology to best meet your business needs.

  • Moves, Adds, Changes & Disconnect Management

    As your needs develop, so does your business.  Our moves, adds, changes, and disconnect service is designed to assist with the management of existing voice and data lines.  Once our clients’ locations and assets are entered into our client management application (CMS), we then begin the process of managing those assets, keeping track of any MACD requests that are made, and making those changes available to our client throughout our relationship.

  • Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM)

    Accelerate will maximize your telecom budget with the help of our application’s continuous expense analysis, alerts, and recommendations.

  • Wireless Optimization Management

    Accelerate will first assist you in maximizing your wireless budget by finding the most effective plan and/or vendor to meet your business needs.  We will then assist you with everything from the procurement of devices and service plans to routine maintenance, upgrades, or replacement of hardware, and disconnecting service when required.

  • RFP Management & Carrier Selection

    Accelerate removes the pain and hassle of each step, helping companies deploy successful RFP’s without the added burden and extra effort.  Based on your requirements, we can create the RFP’s, and help you choose the technology suppliers that will best meet your needs.  We will also be your main point of contact for your technology suppliers, scheduling all internal and external interaction. From the initial needs analysis to creating ROI documentation and executive summaries, and providing status and timely updates, we keep all stakeholders fully informed.

  • Consolidated


    Merge carrier and data center invoices to present a common invoice to the client.

  • Energy Management  & Savings

    Analyze your electricity utilization and efficiency, make recommendations on better energy suppliers, lighting technology and government rebate programs to take advantage of cost savings

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